The more we know, the weirder it gets. Nowadays we believe that the universe is infinitely flat and expanding faster than the speed of light. Galaxies will move away from us and so will anything else over time. Yes some of us scientists believe our universe is nothing more than a holographic projection where everything in the past, now and future are predestined. Did i say universe? I mean multi-verse of course; an infinite number of realities where every possibility here is a reality somewhere.
Particles that are wave distributions and consists of strings like musical notes. They can go back in time and re-exist appearing back again at different locations. Black Holes, anti matter, dark energy along with a little bit of time relativity.

When I was in living with the Indians i used to show some magic tricks to those who have never been in the world I live in. For them all what i showed them was real magic. That was their reality. In almost every community was a shaman, a person that was able to speak with the gods, one that was able to make magical potions and brought coherence into their comunity.

What if their reality is as real as mine? What if their reality makes more sense than mine?


Paranoid tuesday

Huray; spring is on its way! In the morning I woke up early by the first rays of sun. I am a summer person (HATE WINTERS) and every day closer to summer makes me happier. I envy people who live close to the equator and i’m convinced that they are a lot happier than the Dutchies.

Yesterday I installed Windows 10 professional on my desktop computer. It is the first time that I allow windows on my home computer and i need it as I have a few audio, and imaging editing programs that are Windows only. Also a lot of games are Windows only although that’s going to change with Steam.
I don’t trust Windows (and I believe no one should), so i took some precautions to install all the necessary security and firewall tools. There are a lot to choose from. Still I think it is not secure enough and it might be a thread (a potential attack vector) to all my other devices on my LAN. I blocked all new USB devices to avoid BADUSB attacks and block it will blacklist the mac-address on all my Linux systems.

I also decided to increase (local) security by buying a 13.56MHZ RF-ID tag-reader along with a few Mifare 43DES tags from China. Not sure how it works yet but i’ll hope that there are some software samples available on Google. The idea is pretty simple. I make a small Windows service that securely authenticates, and exchange a 256 bit key. I will use 3-factor authentication (my mobile phone and password) to login to windows and to decrypt my hard drives.
Yes I am a bit paranoid and I don’t trust Windows OS with spyware features such as bitlocker and Cortana. I will keep you up to date about the security process.

I wonder if Teamviewer (with 2 factor authentication) is not a potential security breach as well…….. Just wondering if there is an opensource alternative..

Today was a brainstorm day with my colleagues. What will we do with the money we will receive from investors? What will be the priorities and do we have enough money for what we need? This meeting will end at 19:00. Then i go home (19:30) and go directly to Kickboxing. Looking forward to fight!


Simple life of an entrepreneur

In the morning I had a meeting with my investor about the businessplan and a strategy meeting with my colleagues. We needed to prepare our presentation for Ford and Polynorm who are going to participate in a seminar we organized for tomorow. They also provided us with some problems we might be able to solve with our 3D measurement systems. They are very big prospects so everything need to be prepared for tomorow!

In the afternoon I had a meeting with the new CEO of Exoligament, a company we work together with for more than 3 years now. Business is slow so it takes roughly a year before we can sell more 3D scanners.

In the evening I went to my mother and ate some fish (kibbeling, calamaris) together in Scheveningen. Haven’t been there for a while, didn’t know the route so went to whole of The Hague to find that place.

Then I went home and wrote this article. Not really interesting to be honest but its better than nothing. No time for Chinese learning today.

All the stress….. When I was in Ethiopia I had a cup of herbs and lived like there was no tomorow. Fuck I really miss that….
This year I want to go to Sierra Leone or Congo. I really do need a new adventure. People like me are not made to stay at home.


Lets make some sound!

Hello people and welcome to my life!
So today i finally bought all the necessary hardware and software to make my own personal music studio.
I did some research and found out that FL-studio is the DAW package most rappers use to make their own beats. I bought the producer edition, followed some tutorials and think that this is a very convenient tool to make some music, even though i am not familiar with all the technical bits and bytes yet..
Also it works perfectly fine with my Novation launchpad, which makes it a lot easier to make some beat sequences.

The coming weeks i will show more videos and photos of my studio and recordings and I guess you’ll here some music from me soon!